15 Best Places to Visit in Thailand

;Thailand is an arrangement of enlivened scenes that include clamoring present day urban areas swarmed with motorbikes and tuk-tuks, Buddhist sanctuaries tended by orange-robed priests, slope clans selling crafted works, lavish scenes dabbed with customary cultivating towns, antiquated destroys and shocking coastlines sprinkled with flawless sea shores and blue tidal ponds.In this article,  we will kno about the Best Places to Visit in Thailand. 

Those hoping to put in half a month investigating tropical islands should go to the truly flawless Thai Islands. On the off chance that the thrilling energy of a capital city is more your style, Bangkok will more than give an extraordinary encounter. For having the opportunity to grasps with nature and seeing more about the different identities inside Thailand, the city of Chiang Mai fills in as the ideal hopping off highlight the rocky scenes of the north. Plan your excursion to Southeast Asia most mainstream travel objective with our rundown of the best places to visit in Thailand.



Best places to visit in Thailand-Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand’s capital and by far the country’s largest city, is a busy cosmopolis of high-rise skyscrapers, majestic palaces, ancient temples, glitzy nightclubs, bustling marketplaces, and avenues lined with vendors selling souvenirs and tempting delicacies. While Bangkok is frequently regarded as a concrete jungle with loud traffic and suffocating pollution, it is not without natural beauty, as seen by the city’s remnant canals, green areas, and flowering tropical flora.


Bangkok, in Central Thailand, is a vast metropolis with something for everyone.With its intriguing attractions, inexpensive shopping, and nightlife, Khao San Road, a well-known tourist strip, is a wonderful location to start. The city is famed for its numerous temples, including Wat Phra Kaew, which houses the Emerald Buddha. Family enjoyment may be found in zoos, water parks, and amusement parks. Bangkok’s shopping is fantastic, with several retail malls and marketplaces, including the must-see floating markets. Thai boxing contests are held at sporting arenas.


Bangkok provides a wonderful eating experience, with a range of street vendors, market stalls, and restaurants to suit every budget and taste. The city’s raucous nightlife is likewise well-known.

The Skytrain, subway, and tuk-tuks are the best ways to get about Bangkok due to the city’s heavy traffic. A boat trip around the canals is a fascinating way to see Bangkok.


Ko Phangan

[Ko Phangan Thailand

Ko Pha Ngan is a mix of undulating hills, thick woods and beaches of White Sand as the fifth biggest island of Thailand. Ko Pha Ngan is considerably less developed compared to the neighboring island of Ko Samui, however it still provides lots of tourist activities for outdoor enthusiasts.


Diving at Ko Pha Ngan is a popular pastime. The island is situated in the vicinity of some of Thailand’s greatest diving destinations, including Sail Rock’s landmarks. Players are also well-populated since there are over thirty beautiful beaches at Ko Pha Ngan.

The renowned Full Moon Party host Ko Pha Ngan is famous for. Haad Rin Beach turns into a bustling nightclub every month on full-moon night with live music, powerful cocktails and even fire-strips. Every month the event attracts between five and thirty thousand individuals.


Khao Yai National Park

Khao Yai National Park-thailand

Khao Yai National Park is Thailand’s third biggest park located in the Sankamphaeng Mountain Range. Despite the high altitude, the scenery of the park is a varied mixture of evergreen and bile-colored rainforest.


There are many cascades inside the tree-lined woods of Khao Yai National Park. With a height of 260 feet, the biggest and most visited waterfall in the park is the mighty Haew Narok. The Haew Suwat Waterfall was not that high but it was a great backdrop for the waterfall jumping sequence in the film The Beach. The Beach was also worth visiting.


Wildlife abundance is one of the primary causes of Khao Yai National Park visits. The pig-tailed macaques, sambar deer, crocodiles of freshwater and black Asian bears are only a few animals which may be found walking about the park. This is also one of the few sites in Thailand, where large animals such as elephants and tigers may often be seen.




Sukhothai is a tiny town in north Thailand, a famous tourist attraction because of the remains of the old town with a same name. In the early thirteenth century the Historic Sukhothai was Thailand’s first capital, after Siam. The Historical Park of Sukhothai is home to several temples, palaces and monuments of this age.


The Park is split into numerous areas with various excavated temples, chedis, Buddha statues and monuments with stucco reliefs. With the standing Buddha relics and loto-shaped stupa, Wat Mahathat is regarded the most magnificent temple.Wat Si Chum Pavilion is situated in the centre of the park and features a large 50 meter high Buddha.


The History Park of Sukhothai is also surrounded by dazzling lakes, underground sewers and cared for gardens. The National Museum of Ramkhamhaeng is an excellent location to get to know more about the history of the park as it exhibits many relics and artefacts unearthed in the region. In order to enjoy its natural landscape and outdoor leisure, Sri Satchanalai National Park and Ramkhamhaeng National Park are close by, in addition to the ancient city.


Ko Samui

Ko Samui

Although Ko Samui is the third biggest island in Thailand, tourists were scarcely unknown until these two fearless backpacks boarded a cocoon boat in the 1970s and landed there. Word quickly spread throughout the islands’ magnificent beaches, and Ko Samui is today one of Asia’s most popular resorts. In addition, Ko Samui provides a more comfortable journey experience since it has an international airport in Thailand than other islands.


Ko Samui is more developed than its adjacent Phangan Island, famed for its rolling “Full Moon Parties” on the beach, yet it still boasts some peaceful and remote beaches.Even sophisticated beaches like Hat Chaweng, which is four miles long, have places where guests may rest far from the throng. Little Chaweng, or Chaweng Noi, lies on the south end of the beach around a tiny point. Two tiny islets exist offshore and one may be reached by wading.


Visitors who seek a greater experience in social travel will also not be disappointed. Na Thon, the transit center of Ko Samui, if packed of vibrant bars and eateries. The island is noted for its hand printed batik garments and coconut sculptures. Samui also has several worth seeing significant Buddhist temples. Wat Khunaram has renowned monks’ mummified remains.Built in 1972, the temple Wat Phra Yai has the Buddha image, which is 3 meters high, known as the Big Buddha. The temple is 9 meters high.


Ko Samui Center is the hilly jungle with numerous magnificent waterfalls. The waterfall of Ko Samui is 20 meters (65 feet), and it falls into a bathing pool. A well-developed road rounds the island, making it simple to visit all of this popular location.


Chiang Rai

Ko Samui

Chiang Ray is Thailand’s northernmost city, the location to explore Thailand, Laos and Myanmar, on the Golden Triangle. Chiang Rai is a lively city with something for anyone and is commonly used as a base to explore the area around him. When most visitors go out during day excursions, however at night the light of neon flashes and souvenir shops and restaurants come into activity, the city itself is peaceful during the day.


A number of museums displaying local history, culture and art can be found throughout the city. Saun Mai Ngam Park is a great location to rest or to go for a flowers festival towards the end of the year, with its wonderful green areas, trees and bloom.Food and crafts, souvenirs and free cultural events are available on markets and at a night bazaar. Picnics and riverboat trips at Chiang Rai Beach are popular.


The Siam Gate is located on the border with Laos outside Chiang Rai, where guests may enjoy a beautiful view. Natural hikes and magnificent waterfalls are available at Namtok Khun Kon Forest Park. Lion Hill Cave is a lovely caves surrounded by gorgeous landscape, walks and picnic spots. Several tour operators from Chiang Rai will accompany travelers to surrounding hill tribes to learn about their culture and traditions.




Formerly a peaceful northern Thailand village, Pai is today a bustling metropolis which stretches from Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son. Pai is a popular place for travelers and sightseers who want to see the region, due to its scenic valley and the calm environment.


As travelers flooded Pai, the city grew with many guest rooms, restaurants, souvenir stores and bars in tourist facilities. A prominent feature in Pai’s Wednesday Market is throngs from neighboring towns in the Pail Valley.


Pai’s location at the foot of the mountains means that many tourists utilize the town to explore the natural features, hiking excursions and trips to the Lisu, Karen, Lahu and Hmong mountain tribes. Spas, elephant camps, hot springs and lovely waterfalls are also beyond the town. Furthermore, tube and whitewater fun is provided on the Pai River. The Pai Canyon, WWII Memorial Bridge and a Chinese hamlet are among locations which must be seen where travelers may buy teas and watch the human-fueled Ferris wheel.


Phanom Rung

Phanom Rung is a shrine complex in Hindu style, which is situated in an extinct volcano in Northeastern Thailand. This temple sanctuary was erected between the 10th and 13th centuries in the Khmer civilization to dedicate itself to the Hindu deity Shiva, and is located near the town of Nang Rong. Phanom Rung was created out of sandstone and laterite to depict the holy abode of Shiva, Mount Kailash.

The building faces east and the light shines four times a year over all fifteen sanctuary doors. The park is opening its hours during these occasions, when the Phanom Rung Festival takes place around April with antique Brahmin and modern music and lighting ceremonies.



Thailand’s top tourist attraction is Phuket, famous for its magnificent beaches, outstanding diving and an abundance of luxury spas. Phuket is the biggest island in southern Thailand and connected by two bridges to the mainland.


The beaches, with their white sand, turquoise lagoons and water activities are the major destination among Phuket’s various attractions. Patong Beach is the most popular beach with resorts, hotels, shopping, restaurants and a lively nightlife. Phang Nga Bay is a wonderful site to explore the magnificent caverns, water grottoes and calcareous islets.


Phuket is also an ideal spot to unwind and enjoy its many choices, from massage tents on the beach to world class spas in amazing surroundings. From aquariums and seashell museums to national parks with whitewater rafting, sea kayaking, tauchery, jungle hiking, and more, fun and adventure can be found anywhere.


Khao Sok National Park

The Khao Sok National Park has some of the most astonishing vistas in Thailand, surrounded by high calcareous mountain range and lush tropical rainforest. The Khao Sok National Park stretches back 160 million years and is far older than the Amazon rainforest.


Cheow Lan, a dazzling turquoise lake with floating rafting homes and colorful long-distance boats, lies at the center of the park. The national park is also the site of Southern Thailand’s largest virgin rainforest. Visitors to the forest will find waterfalls, secret caverns and natural fruit orchards. Zipline, kayaking and tubing on the Sok river are other sports offered.


In addition to the gorgeous landscape, a lot of the visitors visit the wildlife Khao Sok. More than 5% of species on the globe are thought to dwell inside the park. Small species such as Malaysian tapirs, wild boars, and pig-tailed macaques are prevalent, while observations on bigger animals such as Asian elephants and tigers are unusual.



Established around 1350, it is located in Chao Phraya River Valley, Central Thailand, in the town of Ayuthaya (also spelled Ayutthaya). It is situated on an island surrounded by three rivers that link it to the Siamese Gulf. King U Thong declared it his kingdom’s capital. The Ayuthaya ruins are the main attraction for visitors to Thailand, formerly proclaimed to be the most gorgeous town on earth.

Ayuthaya was an outstanding location as the capital of the Thai Kingdom with its three castles and over 400 temples. The city prospered during the 14th and 18th centuries. By 1700, there were almost 1,000,000 of the people. Ayuthaya has been a hub for trade and a link between West and East.


Ayuthaya was assailed in 1767 by the Burmese people. During this invasion, the bulk of the formerly splendid reliquary towers, monasteries, temples and palaces were destroyed. Some structures remain, though, and visitors are welcome.


Many of Ayuthaya’s old remnants lie in the western part of the island, and others are more widely distributed. Wat Phra Mahathat is one of the most visited places. Here one may discover a Buddha sandstone head connected to Bodhi’s roots. The Wiharn Phra Mongkhon Bophit is one of the most significant representations of the Buddha sitting down and is a highlight for Buddhists and anyone who visit this place. In Wat Phanan Choeng is found Thailand’s biggest golden Buddha, known as Phra Buddhas Triratana Nayok. It is a Buddha, which is almost 20 feet (6 meters) high, and one of Thailand’s most cherished.


Modern towns may be reached easily by train, bus or van about 80 kilometers (50 miles) from north Bangkok. While there are many people who prefer to go from Bangkok, one could wish to take this time to two or three days to experience the various ruins and local charm and fine food in Ayuthaya.


Ko Chang

The second biggest island in Thailand, Ko Chang is situated off Cambodia’s south-east coast. The island has everything that visitors want from tropical holidays, from sandy beaches to untouched rainforests. There are also many things to do on the island, including diving, jungle hiking and kayaking.


While luxurious on the beach, White Sand Beach is one of the most popular spots on the island. It’s the longest beach in Ko Chang, situated in the northwest part of the island. There are resorts and hotels in the central part of the soft sandy beach.Travelers searching for cheap pleasure go to Hat Tha Nam on Ko Chang’s southwest shore. Visitors may find affordable lodging here, from rustic bungalows to tree-houses, and spend money saved at pubs and restaurants on the shores. Best places to visit in Thailand. 

Hat Khlong Phao is one of the stunning beaches in Ko Chang. This gorgeous beach is a dream of beach lovers, with extreme low and high tides. Laem Chaiyachet, a rock formation built up with a pier, is situated at the northern end of the beach. The sun set on the Gulf of Thailand is the best place for watching.



Kanchanaburi is a city in western Thailand known for its beautiful scenery and easy access to national parks and waterfalls. It is best known for its iron bridge that connects to the historic Death Railway to Burma, which was built under Japanese occupation during WWII and killed thousands of Asian laborers and POWs.


While Kanchanaburi is a bustling metropolis, the city’s greatest attractions are linked to WWII, particularly the iron train bridge shown in the Academy Award-winning 1957 film “Bridge over the River Kwai.”

Several museums and war cemeteries all include exhibits on the city and its bridge during Japan’s occupation in the 1940s. There are several spas and temples in the city, the most well-known of which is the Tiger Temple.


Several national parks, including Erawan and Srinakarind, are located outside of Kanchanaburi and provide stunning landscapes, waterfalls, caverns, and excursions to tribal communities.



Railay (or Rai Leh) is a tiny peninsula in southern Thailand that can only be reached by boat due to steep limestone cliffs that prevent access from the mainland. These cliffs draw rock climbers from all over the world, but the region is also a famous tourist destination in Thailand because of its gorgeous beaches and peaceful environment.


Bungalow resorts have taken up almost every patch of buildable ground fronting on the eastern and western parts of the peninsula, and development is moving up into the forest behind them. However, there are no high-rise structures, and much of the development is tucked away behind trees or situated within beautifully manicured gardens.


Koh Tao

The tiny 21 square kilometer (13 square mile) island of Tao, off Thailand’s southern coast, was mainly deserted until the late 1900s and has only lately been developed as a tourist attraction. With its white sand beaches, lush green woods, and towering granite rock formations, it’s no surprise that the island’s bare-amenity huts are giving way to luxury resorts as more tourists become aware of the island’s natural wonders.


The island of Koh Tao is well renowned for its scuba diving and snorkeling. Many people come to Koh Tao to learn how to scuba dive or to update their scuba diving certification because of the many shallow bays, easy currents, and beautiful coral reefs. Diverse schools may be found in Mae Hat, the island’s major town, as well as several other locations across the island. The coral reefs off the coast of Koh Tao are home to a diverse range of marine species, including butterfly fish, batfish, whale sharks, and bull sharks.


The Thai term for turtle is “tao,” and some believe the island was named after it because of its turtle-like form. Every year, hawksbill and green turtles nest in numerous sites on Koh Tao, however their habitat has been threatened by the island’s growing popularity as a tourist destination. The diving schools on Koh Tao have worked together in recent years to help conserve the turtle nesting sites.


Rock climbing, sailing, mountain biking, and game fishing are some of the other popular activities on the island. There are numerous schools in Mae Hat that provide Thai cuisine and yoga classes. The island’s hotspot, Sairee Village, is home to a variety of restaurants, pubs, and nightclubs.

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