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Agricultural-Engineering: Subject Review


Agricultural Engineering:

Engineering is the inseparable part of human civilization. With the growing of human population and time many sides of engineering has been discovered. Agricultural Engineering is among them. Since human started to enrich their knowledge in agriculture sector and then they developed the way to make easier their agricultural works. Thus day by day the most important side of engineering ‘Agricultural Engineering’ has been developed. Today we can’t even imagine agricultural works without machine equipment. It is the most demandable subject in the world right now.


Agricultural Engineering
Agricultural Machine

It is such a subjects that deals with the modern technologies those are directly or indirectly related with agriculture and crop production. Growing more crops in shorter period & less land, less use of labor and ultimately to ensure food for all is the main agenda. As a subject, it is very rare.

Opportunity of the subject holders:

Country those are the pioneer for inventing and using new technology in agricultural fields are:

  • USA,
  • Canada,
  • Australia,
  • Germany,
  • UK,
  • Israel,
  • France,
  • Spain,
  • Japan,
  • South-Korea
  • Mexico
  • Poland
  • Austria

Some more developing countries who are also very rapidly updating their agriculture sector are:

  • India,
  • Brazil,
  • South-Africa,
  • Bangladesh,
  • Nigeria,
  • China,
  • Argentina
  • Sri-lanka
  • Vietnam
  • Laos
  • Myanmar

This countries has powerful agriculture sector and they are supposed to make a revolution in future through their argil. sector. Often these countries offer scholarship & internship for Agricultural-Engineering students.

Related Subjects:

Subject choosing is a great deal after higher secondary period. After choosing a subject that is suitable for you knowledge, you can become master of that subject Agricultural Engineering includes Food Engineering and Farm Power and Machineries, Agricultural Construction & Environmental Engineering and Irrigation Engineering, Agricultural Informatics and Computer Technologies and Biological Engineering etc. In short, the subject includes all the engineering knowledges those are related to agriculture. As this is the era of mechanization and computer, agriculture fields are also being developed with such modern technologies. So the demand of an agricultural engineer in undeniable.



If you are one of those who wants to be a part of next revolution then get admitted in it.  Best of luck.


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