Among US

Among us is an online multiplayer game developed by  American game studio InnerSloth. Currently being popular among the young and kids because of its revolutionary concept & plot setting. The game has recently gained highest number of active players during the pandemic. People has accepted it as a playable game. It is such a game which has no graphics or extra memory requirement. The game requires only 90mb of storage.

The main concept is, in the game there will be two teams. Team one ‘Crewmate’ & team two ‘Imposter’. The whole game takes place in space ship environment, where the imposters will try to kill all crew members and the crewmates has to complete some tasks in the spaceship, survive from the imposters, find them out and kick them by voting system. Maximum 10 players can play the game and among them utmost 3 will be imposters. The imposters will recognize each other, but the crewmembers will not be able to recognize the imposters.

The imposters can use vent, sabotage systems and can have a higher vision range than the crewmates. The crewmates can complete short and long tasks. During the discussion the players will discuss and will try to find out the suspected imposter the try to kick them out from the ship with maximum vote.

Among us


The dead crewmate has the privilege to complete their task being ghost. Ghost members cant chat, they can just complete the task. The dead imposters can only watch the match.

The game is very much interesting with an easier gameplay. That’s why people love Among Us. Keep playing . You can download them from Google play-store (for Android phones) or Apple-store (for I-phone). PC versions are also available.




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