Raster Data Clipping in ArcGIS

Raster Data Clipping in ArcGIS

ArcGIS is a famous software for Map generation and Geographical data processing. ‘Raster Data clipping’ is a process of cutting or separating a part of map for more detailed data processing. In ArcGIS, raster data clipping is done with a tool called ‘Clip’. Today we gonna see how this clipping work is done with some examples and types. Let’s start.

ArcGIS Workplace window



Steps to follow on ArcGIS

Follow these steps to directly go to the ‘Clipping’:

  1. Open the ‘ArcToolbox’ window on ArcGIS.
  2. Go to ‘Data Management Tools’
  3. Then go to ‘Raster’
  4. Expand ‘Raster Processing’
  5. Then there will be the ‘Clip’ tool at the 1st

This is the traditional way that stated above. But you can also open the search window on ArcGIS and search for ‘Clip’.

If you type ‘Raster clip’ on the search bar, you will get several related results:

clip raster
Search bar


Using Clip tools:

Clip tool is usually used on a raster data according to a vector data to cut and use from a defined area. When we download satellite image, it is often downloaded for large area and in ‘geoTif'(.tif) file format. But most often we don’t need such large amount of data. In order to cut the image according to our Area of Interest, we can use the clip tools.

For Clip operation a raster dataset is mandatory. You have to input a raster data for all type of clipping operation. There are several types of clipping operation. Such as:

        • Simple Clip (Data management)
        • Extract by mask (Spatial Analyst)
        • Extract by rectangle (Spatial Analyst)
        • Generate Exclude area (Data management)


Simple Clip:

In ArcGIS, it is the normal version of raster data clipping. Usually takes an input raster and the rectangle coordinates. Then outputs a clipped raster on the defined file location.


Extract by mask:

Such type of clipping operation inputs a raster dataset as base then another raster or vector according which the base raster will be clipped. Vector file can be shape file or featured class polygon. This method is also known masking by ArcGIS users as it uses vector mask to clip base raster.

extract by mask arcgis

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