Farming in the 21st Century: New Agriculture Technology

In modern agriculture, innovation is more crucial than ever. The sector as a whole is confronted with significant issues, including growing supply costs, labor shortages, and shifting consumer desires for transparency and sustainability. Agriculture firms are increasingly recognizing the need for answers to these problems. Agriculture technology has witnessed a massive increase in investment over the previous ten years, with […]

Well Hydraulics: Theory

Well fluid mechanics( Well hydraulics ) Well hydraulics or well fluid mechanic is an important part of ground water engineering. Groundwater withdrawal from aquifer are more important to meet the demand. Therefore we need to understand the well hydraulics or well fluid mechanics. Steady Radial Flow to a Well When farmer pumps well, the pump removes water from the geological […]

The amazing Drip Irrigation system

The amazing Drip Irrigation system Irrigation is the must needed action done during agricultural process and it simultaneously important. Among various irrigation process, drip irrigation is newest addition to the list. So we will now discuss about this: Drip Irrigation Drip or trickle irrigation is one of the latest method of irrigation which is becoming increasingly popular in areas with […]

Combine Harvester: Difficult to use in 3rd World country?

Combined harvester is an important agricultural machinery which is a versatile machine designed to efficiently harvest a variety of grain crops. Three types of separate harvesting operation- reaping, threshing, and winnowing are done through this machine, so it is called ‘Combine Harvester’. Different crops like paddy, wheat, oats, rye, barley, corn (maize), sorghum, soybeans, flax (linseed), sunflowers and canola are […]