What are the 16 Personality Types?

What are the 16 Personality Types? “What did the online personality tell the doctor following tests? Is it viral? Unknown comedian Laughs aside If you’ve ever wondered about your personality type, you’ve probably taken a test. The Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator is the most popular personality test online.   2 million individuals take it yearly, yet it’s often discredited. These […]

Tuhinuzzaman is the New Face of Blogging

Tuhinuzzaman is a blogger from Bangladesh. His blogging profession has been a part of his life since he was a youngster. Tuhin was born in Madon’s Netrakona. Tuhinuzzaman received his SSC and HSC from Telegati BNHK Academy and Netrakona Government College, respectively. Then he was accepted into the Department of Banking and Insurance at Rajshahi University. He is now a […]

Discussion on Self branding through Social-media:

Self-Branding is the new trending issue of today’s job market. One has to know proper way to make proper branding of him to establish his attitude and get job. As job handing is getting harder day by day, so one has to develop himself in such way. Otherwise getting job will become tougher.  Let’s have a look why and how […]