Discussion on Self branding through Social-media:

Self-Branding is the new trending issue of today’s job market. One has to know proper way to make proper branding of him to establish his attitude and get job. As job handing is getting harder day by day, so one has to develop himself in such way. Otherwise getting job will become tougher.  Let’s have a look why and how this is important:

 In this era self branding is an important medium for job. this concept is considered most powerful tools all over the world. Basically when you will try to make yourself brand at social media it will boost confidence inside you.

 Personal branding on social media is a process to make relevant yourself, boost confidence by doing some excellent productive work. It’s a process of finding yourself unique, to create goal, influence your talent and so on.



 There is a thin line between self branding and self bragging. Self branding was not that much popular before 2010.self branding became famous when social media became very popular. So recruiters used social platform to choose potential candidate (as it makes their work easier and effective).

 Youth can promote their interest/activities through social media, so recruiters can recruit them.


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 Staying connected with the right person can be good for one. by using social media we can make our life and work a lot easier and find the right workplace. By doing so we can meet up with people with same interests.

 Identity and engage with influencers: Collaborating and connecting with key influencers is very much helpful for creating ones good social branding network.

 You can craft your own standing on your desired platform and succeed in your personal branding on social media.




Differences between self bragging and self branding:


 Self branding is a form that an individual use to create a uniform public image that demonstrates his or her values and overall reputation. On the other hand, Bragging is to talk about yourself, your achievements, your family, etc., in a way that shows too much pride. Thus creating a false narrative to make us seem better than we are So to promote or to brand yourself is to help (something) happen or to develop. It helps you to get yourself known in a good way that people appreciates and welcomes.


Tips for self branding:

  1. Know your strengths and weaknesses
  2. Demonstrate your value through your actions
  3. Elevate your social proof


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Impact of LinkedIn in career shaping:

LinkedIn is one of the best place now-a-days to promote yourself. This social site offers plenty of opportunities for those on the job market, helping them form connections, keep track of businesses and events, and even has the job seeking done for them. Having an active and well put together LinkedIn profile will increase the chances of your discovery by various companies looking to hire people based on your skills and experience, as most hiring recruiters are already using it. Besides, by following successful people’s profiles will help you gather knowledge to make yourself more suitable for upcoming industries policies and enriches your thinking capability. LinkedIn also offers an individual an excellent opportunity to network with Other people.

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