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How to Edit Signature in outlook in Different ways

If you use the Outlook signature to add a standardized text block to each of your messages, you may wish to change the content sometimes.

Or maybe you would want more permanently to update your current signature. It’s easy to do anyhow.

This is how you can modify Outlook signatures.

You may do this simply using the Signatures and Stationary dialog box if you wish to make a permanent modification to the signature you put in Outlook communications.

1. Open Outlook, then click “New Email” to generate a blank email message on the ribbon bar.

2. Go to the ribbon bar for the untitled message. Click “Character” button then “Character….”

How to edit signature in outlook

3. Select the symbol you wish to alter from the “Select Signatures to Edit” box in the upper left corner.

How to edit signature in outlookReader Heart

4. Make any required modifications to the signature in the “Edit Signature” window below. You may alter and modify the formatting of the text itself or add pictures such as components.

How to edit signature in outlookReader Heart
5. Click “OK” after you finish. For every new email messages, your modifications can be stored to the signature.

How may one signature be changed to another in an Outlook message


You can follow the instruction below:

Go to the ribbon bar and click on “Signature” in the new untitled email. Then, select from the drop-down list a different signature. Automatically the signature changes to the desired signature.In the e-mail message you may change the signature immediately.

Change or completely remove the wording of the signature.

When you select a signature from the drop down menu, any signature that is already in the message will be replaced with it.

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