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Important Pre-Blogging Tips for New Bloggers

                                                                               Important Pre-Blogging Tips for


New Bloggers
Both blogging and SEO are intertwined. If you want to make money by blogging, you must learn SEO. A blogger succeeds only when he learns SEO properly and applies it in practice.
You came to read the article by looking at the headline, because if you want to see yourself established as a successful blogger or digital marketer, if you have a goal to be successful, you must work hard. You believe so too but I want to add one more thing to this – not just hard work, but planned work is required to be successful.

This work, like all other works, is no exception. The competition in this sector is increasing day by day. I need to bring visitors to my blog with thousands of competitors with just one keyword.
You must know where this competition will be? The arena of competition is Google search engine and SEO is the weapon of competitors. This fight is not easy at all, because the opponent is so strong I have to fight myself first (on page SEO), then bring down the troops (off page SEO). Even then, if everything doesn’t go according to plan, defeat is certain.

And defeat here means learning something new, but if defeated again and again, both time and money will go to waste.

I know you want to win, so I would like to make some suggestions in light of my experience here. That’s why you have to be new, if you have experience, you are the boss. So let’s get started.
Pre-Blogging Quotes –
1. Make the initial decision
2. Pre SEO and Planning
3. Key Word Research
4. Let’s go to the competitor
5. The final decision
. Outline the work
. Getting started
🌐 Make the initial decision – Blogging is a very good job to be with a friend or online. Thousands of dollars can be earned just by writing a blog. But when you study more about this, you realize some new unknown information.

You don’t just have to write, you need a reader to read that text. And the reader is supplied by the search engine and all these processes are completed through SEO.
Having a rough idea, the first step is to decide if this job is right for you. If you start this work you will not be able to finish. First you have to set up a mind, whether you enter the world of blogging or not. Take time, think positive, start the analysis in the initial way. Of course you can make a good decision that will pave the way for success.
★ Decide in the first place: –
1. Are you fit for this job right now?
2. Is your mind agreeing to this work?
3. Are you interested in studying this subject?
4. Will linguistic proficiency be helpful?
5. Do you have the money and time to spend this way?
6. Do you have the gadgets or equipment you need to get started?
7. Not earning, education is an invaluable resource – can you accept this great saying or not?
🌐 Pre-SEO Planning- If you have initially decided that this job is perfect for you, then your next job is to do pre-planning. The more information you have to search on Google, the more information you need to read about 20+ different blog posts. One has to try to understand how a blog is presenting the same information.

Why is everyone answering the same question in different ways? Because that is creativity. Why is all writing creative? Because search engines value creative writing. Notice more, whose writings you like to read, his presentations are very easy to understand. I mean pre-SEO planning – getting a clear idea of ​​what he likes and dislikes from the search engine I work for.

It can also be called a pre-work learning period.For example, go to Google search and type “Best 10 nikkon camera 2020″. Now Google engine will show you the result. You start the analysis with the first 20-30 sites of Google search results.

For example, what are the differences between them: – Analyze at least 30 days in all matters like writing, pictures, videos, titles, permaling etc. I believe that doing this will increase your skill level a lot. Analyze different topics every day, there will be new experiences.
What to do in pre-SEO planning: –
1. Judge the writing quality of sites related to the same information. Find out why it’s easy / difficult to read.
2. Extract the title format of your choice from within the title
3. Try to understand the speed and design level of the sites.
4. Analyze the format, analyze the paragraphs and heading positions. Read the whole content, try to understand.
5. Read again and again to see if the grammar is correct, it will be your own learning.
Keywords – Now you need to learn how to do keyword research. You need to find the keyword that you want to target. If you want to work with Mobile Nice, such as Mobile Case, Screen Protector, you need to select that type of keyword.

For example, let’s take the keyword “best 5 mobile screen protectors”. If you want to write about this, you will do research on this topic. Always try to work with tong tail keywords. For example, “best 10 screen protectors for oneplus 8 pro”.
Before you work with any keyword you will know its volume, I would suggest not to work with a keyword of 200+ volume, it will not rank the site. So work out the keywords very carefully.


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