iPhone 13: The Masterplan of Apple Inc.

With iPhone 12, apple has introduced their new cost-efficient strategy by removing charger from the phone box. Previously they wiped-out the wire from the earphone and introduced AirPods. Following the same strategy they have done the same in iPhone 12. Instead of using a c-port or lightning-port, apple has attached new Magsafe, a magnetic coil based charger. Apple is planning to introduce port-less phone in future. Most probably they will start with iPhone 13.  In near future it will make a revaluation with improved water and dust proof technology. So it is clear that iPhone 13 is going to be the next-generation phone.

iphone 13
iPhone with c-port

So the question is rising that why is apple doing so? The answer is, apple is trying to introduce a new environment for the user, such an environment where there will be less wire and there will all service available with wireless service. Moreover apple has drastically reduced their production cost and managed to find more space in the device for other sensor and services.

Now when it comes to the next iPhone, the iPhone 13, the average people gets excited about new innovation. iPhone means innovation and creation & it is also a symbol of classiness. People get excited as hell when it comes to the point about release of a new iPhone. So the manufacturer has to keep an eye on the quality of their new product as well as innovation of new technology.

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            The Next iPhone
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