Keep your domain for the future or Sell quickly?

In the huge internet world, there are many companies that provides the service of domain and hosting. Anybody can buy domain name and hosting and create their own website. In this  article we are gonna discuss about various sites where the eminent domain and hosting can be purchased and sold such as GoDaddy, Nameliquidate etc.


Keep your domain for the future or sell quickly?

Domain investment is like a bank deposit. It cannot be said for sure that if you buy a domain today, you will sell it for a thousand dollars tomorrow. However, after doing market research, you can decide whether to re-renew / drop it or sell it quickly. Now here are some tips to sell fast.




They have decided not to allow any other registry to participate in the domain auction. There are opportunities until the 31st of this month. So you can start the auction for a minimum of  15 on the d-name that you do not renew. Last week I had two cells at 15. You can also have a cell.




Under Epik, NameLiquidate is a domain liquidation site , helping investors of domain liquidate domains quickly. This is a good medium for small deals. You can give four or five choice experimentally without any reserve price. Maybe one or two cells. At least the registration price will go up. It is a fast paced marketplace.  They place your domains in a reverse auction for 168 hours. It kicked off with George Kirikos sharing details of his experiment listing domains on NameLiquidate. Their site is NameLiquidate.com.


eminent domain



This is one of the most significant marketplaces in the auction market. GoDaddy ranks among the tops when it comes about domain names and hosting provider. They can provide an eminent domain at a reasonable cost.  It’s hard to expect a cell without very good keywords. However, you can try the minimum bid. They do not promote if they do not pay for a very professional promotion. However, if you do marketing, if the view comes more, it may promote. For 25+ years, GoDaddy has helped millions of parents such as you turn ideas into reality – from surf shop owners in California to fashion bloggers in Croatia. So, If you’re able to take the primary step…or subsequent step…toward the longer term you would like to create , GoDaddy is here to assist you switch your ideas into reality, and we’ve got the tools, insights and other people to form it happen.


Finally, there is no substitute for market research in investment. Significant marketplaces should be visited at least once a day and Namebio reports should be shown. Godaddy can be a better choice.


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