Bad academic result, Low CGPA…!

What is CGPA?

It is used for categorize a student’s academic performance between the range of 0.00 to 4.00. CGPA is one of the most important matter in a students life. it is true that sometime this matter keeps many students away from their dream who has lower CGPA, though it has so much importance to determine the overall quality of a student. Having a bad academic result is painful but it is not the ultimate destination. Life will give you many opportunity, you just have to grab them.

                                                                       Bad Result sheet

Think Differently:

Though it plays an important role in one’s future, it is not the the ultimate determiner of a student’s future. There are many example where the students with lower CGPA has acquired the highest level of success. So low CGPA is not a matter to become depressed. There are many other ways, by which anyone can be successful in their future life.

  1. Develop skills: There is an Indian saying, “An skilled person is 1000 times valuable than a person with good result”. A person whos has no real life skills rather than bookish knowledge can’t do very much for mankind. Practical skill is very important to become successful in life.
  2. Do practical works: Doing works practically helps to acquire more knowledge about the subject. Bookish knowledge may provide theoretical insights, but doing practically provides more than that.
  3. Be Punctual: Punctuality is thee key to success. Doing the work in exact time gives the confident to do more work effectively. A person who is not punctual faces many disadvantages in his life. So being successful you have to be punctual.
  4. Keep more out knowledge: As a result of possessing more out knowledge will help a person to get his dream job or surpass his low CGPA disadvantage. The job offering person will like to keep a more active and out knowledge person rather than a person who has only bookish knowledge and higher CGPA.




By developing the mentioned four key points, a person with lower CGPA can get success and surpass his low CGPA disadvantages.

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