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You are a graphic designer. You will work in the marketplace with graphic design. Now you have chosen a marketplace. This marketplace will give you your service. Now you will need a portfolio on the subject you will be serving. There are systems to do.

For example, Fiber, Freelancer, etc. Many people are marketing on social media. Is there a way to show your portfolio on social media? Yes, there is. For example, Behans, Dribble. You can show the portfolio. In this way you can give your service to the outside place. And yes, you can also show this portfolio to the local clients.
Wow, you know everything. Who else is stopping you?
Ah, what joy is in the air in the sky. Maybe many people will tell me to stop for a while after listening to my words. I have opened an account in a place like Five, Upwork, Freelancer. Not happening. Can’t work.
Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me. Again, many people say that I am not getting business card, flyer, photo editing and I know that it is not working at all.
Now I say. Brother, stop. I understand that you can do everything fairly, but do you know that many experts are still burning cut coal with good service. So what are you, brother? I say, brother, you are in the new marketplace. So no one knows you, why someone will come and give you a job.
This time many may say, brother, I understand everything, but tell me why you can’t get a new job. Hmm, now I will tell you, brother, you are coming to the line. Do you have a portfolio? Did you say that brother is in Fiber, Behans is also in Dribble. What else can I say now.
Well, if you check the e-portfolio of many people who are not getting work, it is seen that there are 100+ designs but the design is A-A-B. Again, there are many who are filling the portfolio with what they think is good. I mean, whether the design is worth keeping in the portfolio or not. But there is no respect for why the big brothers will show it. Again, many have ego.

Again, there are many who will design for 100-300 rupees. Why are the designs so cheap? Just why the market place You are doing badly. I tell those who are not getting a job. Now, brother, when you see this design of yours, you say that you will give yourself a job by looking at your design or you will give a job to an expert.

Consider yourself first. Will any client come and spend just a dollar looking at your face?
Brother, first prepare a beautiful and solid portfolio for yourself. When you realize that you have the ability to work, then you will go down to the market place.
After reading the above article, many people will say, “Hey brother, you haven’t given any idea about the market place. I told you at the beginning that I will talk about the negative reviews. Before going to the market place, you should always look at the negative reviews of everything.


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