NodeJs vs Django: Who is the most powerful technology for Backend Web Development in 2021?

We know that NodeJs is powerful Javascript runtimes. Its a very popular javascript runtime for backend web development. NodeJs is used in the server-side platform while Javascript is used in the client-side platform. And Django is a python framework. Both of the technologies are very popular and hot to the developers. They are used in many big and complex project. Both NodeJs and Django has huge developer community as well.


NodeJs as well as Django is open sourced for the developers. Anyone can contribute and use these technologies to their personal or business purposes. Now it’s a burning question 2021 that which one you should use in your next project. The developers need to know about this two technologies features and power. This post will guide you to understand the basic and core features of NodeJs and Django. Also you will get a clear concept about their power and weakness. So let’s get started.


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Comparison between NodeJs and Django:

Definition : NodeJs is an open source javascript run-times. It works on the server side application. Django is also an open source python framework which also works on the server side application.

Security: NodeJs is very secured technology. But if we compare to the Django, the game changes! Django is more secure than NodeJs of course. Django has built in security system out of the box. It can defiance any strong attack without losing any kind of security issue. On the other hand, it requires manual operation to secured your nodejs application. If you have enough web-security based knowledge, then its not a big deal for you.




Performance: Django offers better performance than nodejs here.  The performance of nodejs is not bad, but when a competition arises, we can choose a clear winner. And the winner is Django here. Django provides build-in-house template system  facilitating the execution of a required task quickly. On the other hand, the developers get more freedom to develop their node application. So in the end when the implementation finishes, the overall build time increases. So the performance drops here.

Complexity: This time djnago fails. Because django is very complex. A developer has to follow a certain and specific path to solve the problem. But in nodejs, the developers get their freedom. They don’t have to follow any specific path. They can solve the problem as they like. So nodejs is less complex comparing to a django application.

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Efficiency: The framework is more efficient in django and it offers faster speed. A djnago app is cost effective too. Nodejs is very easy to learn for the developers. Because anyone who knows  the basic fundamental theory and ES6 Javascript, can easily begin to learn nodejs. It consumes more operating time than djnago. So it’s also a low-cost-effective option without any doubt.




Community:  The community of Django is active but not too big. But Nodejs has a huge active community . Thousands of developers are working actively and contributing together to built the community bigger than others. It’s very helpful for new developers. Because they can learn while contributing with the other developers. So, Nodejs is a clear winner in this segment.

Popularity: Django is a rising technology. So the popularity is not as good as Nodejs. NodeJs has already gained huge popularity among the developers. Surely it will become the most preferred technology in future to the developers. You can check StackOverflow for more details.

Full Stack development opportunity: Its very pathetic for Django developers. Because it does not offer full stack web development. On the other hand, Nodejs does a great job. Javascript is used to write nodejs code. And we know that javascript is the best language for client side rendering. So anyone who knows javascript well, can develop a full stack application. He can use javascript for both client-side and server-side. So Nodejs is a very good choice to develop a full stack web app.

Flexibility : Django framework provides limited flexibility comparing to Nodejs. The features of django is very strict. But there is a lot of variety and features in Nodejs. Npm is a very popular module for nodejs developer. Thousands of developer working continuously to enrich the npm module. There is plenty of feature in npm module. Thank you the Javascript for a vast library.


Which Should You Use: 

If you have carefully read the post above, you have probably got your answer. Actually, there is no specific answer the question : “Which is the best ?” You must choose NodeJs or Django whatever you like. But you have to understand your needs and requirements. Then you can choice any of them . It’s totally up to yours. Both NodeJs and Django are the hottest technologies without any doubt. They have bright  future and opportunities.

If you want be a full stack developer, then go for NodeJs. Nodejs is very powerful and effectful for the full stack web development. Because it uses Javascript behind the scene. And Javascript is already a hot language to the developers.

But if you want a in-built powerful secured framework, then go for django. A professional developers always upgrade their skill to a next level. So if you already know javascript and want to enhance your skills, then go for django. Python is a very powerful programming language. Its a good idea to use this language as your backend development career. If you have plenty of time and want to enrich your python knowledge,  then you can start your career as a django developer. Best of luck.


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