Oscilloscope : Functions and buttons.



An oscilloscope is another important tool when it comes to analyzing and debugging circuits. They let you see electrical signals and you often hear it abbreviated “O-scope” or only “Scope“. They are particularly handy when it comes to measuring things like amplitude, frequency & signals that simple multimeter can’t catch.

in older cathode-ray oscilloscope, the electrical signal under test changed between a set of vertical deflection plates that caused a electron beam to move up and down as it swept across a phosphorescent screen.

Modern digital scopes takes measurement using a analogue to digital converter, to sample the signal and then draw the wave on the screen. In a modern oscilloscope, there is a noticeable display where the waveform and any information about it will be shown.




There are there are tow ports beside the bottom-right section of the display marked with color bands. Those ports accepts probes with BNC connectors. There are commonly scopes with 1, 2 or 4 channels.

The vertical section controls the voltage scale on the display for each channel independently. The horizontal section controls the time-scale for both channel on the screen. Buttons on the top-rigt corner are for starting and stopping measurement.



For manually control the triggers of the right side are used. This tells the scope when to start measuring when it sees a particular part of a signal. Auto mode is also available.


The upper middle section is called menu-section, contains various buttons like save, display, utility etc. There are also USB female port available on board. You can change display, capture data or use utilities from here. Buttons are tagged according to their functions in the scope.


Oscilloscope is not so hard to operate. It is compulsory for the Engineering students. Such essential tool is very important to learn for anyone as a basic needs. There are different types of oscilloscope available on the market. Costs are variable according to the size and technology used. Beginners can use the basic one to learn.



Some companies those assemble oscilloscope are: Keysight Technologies, Inc., Extech Instruments, B&K Precision Corporation, Fluke Corporation etc.


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