iPhone 13: The Masterplan of Apple Inc.

With iPhone 12, apple has introduced their new cost-efficient strategy by removing charger from the phone box. Previously they wiped-out the wire from the earphone and introduced AirPods. Following the same strategy they have done the same in iPhone 12. Instead of using a c-port or lightning-port, apple has attached new Magsafe, a magnetic coil based charger. Apple is planning to introduce […]

Canon EOS 77D

A Quick Review Canon EOS 77D (Canon EOS 9000D in Japan) is the semi-professional DSLR camera. Being introduced in February 14, 2017, has gained a huge popularity. It has a light and handy body structure but quite hard body. In case of buying DSLR camera, it can be a better option. This model is compatible with almost all lenses. It […]

Discussion on Self branding through Social-media:

Self-Branding is the new trending issue of today’s job market. One has to know proper way to make proper branding of him to establish his attitude and get job. As job handing is getting harder day by day, so one has to develop himself in such way. Otherwise getting job will become tougher.  Let’s have a look why and how […]

Why is corona virus testing a difficult process?

Corona virus SARS-Cov-2 testing is a difficult process to detect. The faster a country conducts this test, the more successful it is in dealing with the virus. This success can be attributed to South Korea, Taiwan and Germany and the United States will be on the list of failed countries. The name of Bangladesh may also come. But this testing […]

Why PUBG is banned in India ?

Why PUBG is banned in India ? Another digital strike by the Indian government. 118 Chinese apps (including PUBG mobile games) banned in India It is learned that the central government has taken this step once again keeping in mind the issue of cyber security. According to the Ministry of Information Technology, this popular mobile game is banned under Section […]

Oscilloscope : Functions and buttons.

Oscilloscope: An oscilloscope is another important tool when it comes to analyzing and debugging circuits. They let you see electrical signals and you often hear it abbreviated “O-scope” or only “Scope“. They are particularly handy when it comes to measuring things like amplitude, frequency & signals that simple multimeter can’t catch. in older cathode-ray oscilloscope, the electrical signal under test […]

Lucky Patcher : The Mod apk maker

In order to get rid of in-app purchases, often user needs to install modified apps. They search on net for mod apk files. Most often these files carries malicious contents or viruses. So it is better to download them from a reliable sources. But it will be best if it can be created on your phone by you. For doing […]

Among US

Among us is an online multiplayer game developed by  American game studio InnerSloth. Currently being popular among the young and kids because of its revolutionary concept & plot setting. The game has recently gained highest number of active players during the pandemic. People has accepted it as a playable game. It is such a game which has no graphics or extra […]

Agricultural-Engineering: Subject Review

Agricultural Engineering: Engineering is the inseparable part of human civilization. With the growing of human population and time many sides of engineering has been discovered. Agricultural Engineering is among them. Since human started to enrich their knowledge in agriculture sector and then they developed the way to make easier their agricultural works. Thus day by day the most important side […]