Positive Impact of COVID-19


Positive Impact of COVID-19

Despite having bad-impacts, COVID-19 lockdown has brought some positive impacts. Such impacts of Covid-19 has discussed here. In 2020, we are facing a great disadvantage of Globalization with the form of COVID-19, a fatal virus that was founded in china and later spread throughout the world causing huge loss of human life. The normal human life has been kept in halt in order to stop the spreading of the virus. So all type of social & economic activity is stopped. People are staying at home stopping their works. This situation is obviously the negative impact of COVID-19, but this lockdown situation has also some positive impacts on our life as well as on the environment of the earth.


Impact on Environment:

Lockdown due to the Corona pandemic has forced to shut down all kinds of factories, mill and heavy industries. Which is responsible for the collapse of worldwide CO2   emission by 8% till today. For this reason, the weather in Bangladesh region has become cooler compared to last year and the rainfall is average in every area of Bangladesh. A recent report from the local newspaper shows that the water color of heavily polluted Buriganga River has changed and it looks less polluted these days.

Same situation in Chitra river from Narail, Surma river from Sylhet, Rupsha river from Khulna. Different fish species are being found in huge number compared to 2018-2019 season. On May 22, 2020, The Daily-star newspaper reported that in this year of 2020 the Halda river has seen most haul of eggs in 14 years. [i] This year from the Halda river, 25,536kgs of eggs were collected. The number was only 7,000kg previous year. This huge numbers of egg spawn indicates the less pollution of water. As the heavy industries and factories are closed, there are being less water pollution.


The countrywide air quality is improving because of this COVID-19 situation. [ii] The air quality of Dhaka – world’s 2nd least livable city in terms of pollution – had started to improve after the government announced nation-wide lockdown from the last week of March to control the Covid-19 situation. In 2020, the average daily PM 2.5 concentration (47.6 micrograms/m3) was 31.7% less than the corresponding period of 2019, between April 1 and May 10. Same condition in the other cities of Bangladesh.




Impact of COVID-19 on Personal life:

The COVID-19 lockdown has given a huge free time to the people, mainly to the students. They are getting enough free times to do their desired job that they used to think about. If we check the social media, we will notice that people are fulfilling their hobbies, doing extra-curricular activities, taking part in online based career development training programs & courses. Due to this motive, many people has started online businesses, most of them are KN95 mask dealers.




Along with the online class, students are taking part in different types of online based courses that could be vital for their career. This courses includes software operating, communication skill development, art & designing, business management etc. The leading organizations of the country also arranging webinars to spread their thoughts and experiences among the interested peoples.

People are getting more time to calm their mind through meditation, home-workout, religious works, which was barely done before. Moreover, they are getting enough time to sleep and resting.

Financial savings has become easier these days as no extra money is being spent on junk foods, transportation or other stuffs.


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New research opportunity:

The vaccine of COVID-19 is virus is unknown. The researchers are trying their best to develop a vaccine. World has become more eager to spend on research sector after disease breakdown. Everyone has realized that spending on research and development and science related sector in more important than entertainment sector. We can expect  that this mentality will last long after the pandemic ends and governments of all around the world will create more scope and opportunity for researchers.

The authority also has to think about more effective Personal protective equipment (PPE) and anti-viral accessories so that future pandemics could be stopped. COVID-19 has created such thought among the authority.


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Impact of COVID-19 on Family life:

Lockdown has made us full time family person. Due to pandemic situation most of us are not going out. People are spending much time with their family which was rarely possible in normal times. So that their family bonding is being strong and understanding between the family members are being solid. The family members are being able to express their feelings among each other. Generally


With huge negative impacts, COVID-19 has brought some of the positive impacts in everyone’s life. We should take this as an opportunity and utilize the time properly doing fruitful deed for us as well as our surroundings.

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