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Supercharger vs Turbocharger: Which is better?

When you say supercharger or turbocharger, a regular person often asks why these things name so. The words are synonymous with more power than those cars which has no chargers. Whether you are looking to buy a new car which already has one or upgrade your naturally aspirated engine and the age old question is remained, which one is better? Is it supercharger vs turbocharger? Let’s discuss about supercharger vs turbocharger:


supercharger vs turbocharger


Engine Mechanism:

Normal engine has 4 strokes. They are:

  1. Suction stroke ( Sucks Air and Fuel )
  2. Compression stroke ( Compresses air-fuel mixture )
  3. Power Stroke ( Ignites compressed air and generates power )
  4. Exhaust stroke ( Blows out the burnt air )

To get more power at your engine you need more air-fuel mixture to make a bigger bang. Supercharger & Turbocharger both works under the same principle which is force more air in to make a bigger bang. The difference is how they accomplish it.


Such type of charger uses a shaft with two spiny wheels attached to it. The hot and cold side of the turbo separates this spiny wheels. The exhaust connects the hot side of turbo and the cold side of the turboconnects the intake. The turbo uses spend exhaust gases coming out of the engine to spin the turbine of the turbo. Which allow it to force more air into the engine and cause bang.




Advantages and disadvantages:

  • Turbos’ are more efficient.
  • Has a smaller size and weight.
  • Turbos takes time to be activated as the engine exhaust gas don’t produce the required rpm to activate it. This is known as turbo lag.
  • Easy to set on a vehicle.



Supercharger (SC):

Such type of charger uses two twisted shaft, a pully attaches them and a belt drives the pully and drives the twisty shafts forcing more air into the engine. There are various car models available in the market with superchargers.





Advantages and disadvantages (SC) :

  • Instant powers.
  • Heavier in weight and larger in size than turbos.
  • Less efficient as a pully drives them and the pully robes HP from the engine.
  • More complicated to set into a vehicle.


In case of buying cares, it is your choice and you can go for whatever you want. Thanks for reading. Happy Learning.


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