Tips For Finding Great Real Estate Deals

Real estate is purchased and sold all year, but finding good bargains can take some time and effort. Half the struggle is knowing who to connect with and where to look. Utilize the internet and social media to interact with locals ranging from wholesalers to Uber drivers who can point you in the right direction for amazing prices.

There are several methods to generate money or gain equity in real estate, whether you are a first-time home buyer or an experienced real estate investor. To help you succeed, we’ve developed a list of 11 ideas for locating outstanding real estate deals.

1.Become a member of Investor Buyers Lists.
Join the buyer lists of local real estate investors. A Google search can bring up the big investors in your area. Fill out their “Contact us” form to request to be included to their buyer’s list, or check to see if they have a “For Investors” page with a form to join their list.

By subscribing to buyer listings, you will be alerted whenever an investor has a new deal under contract. These offers are not listed on the MLS and are available at a reduced price (often they are cash only). Great offers are in high demand, so be prepared to move fast because there are many other shoppers hunting for similar offers as well.

2.Examine Public Records
Every local government maintains public records for residences that have code violations, have had their water cut off, and so on. These are indications that the household is having difficulty maintaining the property or making ends meet financially.

The more difficult it is to access the documents, the better the offers may be because more work implies fewer individuals are pursuing them. The easiest records to get are free with public, internet access, but the more complex documents are not free and must be obtained personally at a local courthouse.

3.Set up Bandit Signs
Placing bandit signs to entice homeowners eager to sell at a reduced price can lead to excellent real estate transactions. You’ve undoubtedly seen the yellow signage on the side of the road or on a traffic light pole. “We Buy Houses Fast, For Cash XXX-XXX-XXXX,” most say. Bandit signs are illegal in many areas, according to local code. This approach for finding real estate deals, however, is still employed owing to its efficacy.

Signs cost $1-$2 per, depending on whether they are single-sided or double-sided, plus $1 for labor (unless you plan to put them up yourself). Bandit signs are a numbers game, which means that the more signs you install, the more likely it is that you will be contacted.

4.Respond to Wholesaler Advertisements
Connect with local wholesalers or “we buy houses” firms in your region that buy homes at substantial discounts. Wholesalers will advertise online on Craigslist and even on Facebook Marketplace, as well as on the street with bandit signs. Message wholesalers on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace to discover if any active deals are available. You should be able to contact the phone number on the bandit signs to see whether there are any available properties.

Local wholesalers and firms who buy houses in your region will have homes under contract at far cheaper rates than those posted on the MLS. “There will also be fewer individuals reviewing these offerings since they demand more work than joining up for an investor list,” says Andy Kolodige, a Virginia house buyer. Furthermore, you are developing ties with local wholesalers in your region, which may be useful the next time you are searching for a good real estate bargain.

5.Consult with Home Inspectors
Great real estate deals always need some repair, and who better to consult than home inspectors who are in these properties on a regular basis? Call local home inspectors you discover on Google to expand your network. Discuss how many homes they check each week and the average quality of the residences. For a little reference fee, an inspector may be able to connect you to a property or neighborhood of houses where a wonderful real estate deal might be found.

6.Recognize Distressed Properties
Driving for dollars is an efficient technique for discovering amazing real estate deals– you simply need to know where to go and what to search for. Begin by driving around your neighborhood looking for properties that show clear symptoms of neglect or decay. This might take the shape of overgrown grass/weeds and vegetation that covers the home or makes walking around the yard difficult. In addition, look for papers on the front door (usually bright county lettering) or smashed windows.

To make contact, you might either go to the house or jot down the address to send a postcard later.

7.Look into real estate auctions.
To locate outstanding real estate deals, there are two sorts of auctions:

1.Auctions for taxes
2.Auctions held by the sheriff.
Tax auctions (not to be confused with tax lien auctions) are where the state, county, or municipal sells off properties that are delinquent on taxes in order to pay the due taxes. Cash is necessary for purchases, deposits are expected on the day of the event, and payment is normally expected within 1-2 days. Tax auctions are dangerous since they are sold “as-is, where-is,” and there might be title issues when the home is resold.

8.Make contact with real estate agents
Check with real estate agents to discover if they’re going to properties that are “too ugly to sell” or won’t sell. Many agents choose not to deal with these homes (particularly during Covid-19), preferring to concentrate their efforts on higher-priced homes.

These properties are typically acquired by well-connected investors, while agents who sell straight to the end-buyer earn a higher commission. Because the selling agent keeps the whole realtor commission on the house sale if there is no agent on the purchasing side, this is the case.

Being involved in the local community is the greatest approach to convince agents you’re serious.

9.Get the word out!
Word of mouth is a good approach to get the word out about what you’re searching for in terms of real estate. Talk to your coworkers, friends, and family about what you want in a transaction. You won’t know about other people’s connections unless you speak with them. They may be able to direct you to the elusive bargain you’ve been looking for.

Don’t limit yourself to your immediate social group. Tell your Uber driver you’re searching for a good deal on a house. These drivers pass by houses every day and interact with a large number of individuals who discuss their jobs, houses, and situations.

10.Join REIAs in your area.
What better way to learn about transactions than to be around by people who are already involved in them? REIAs are Real Estate Investor Associations that are designed to connect you with other investors in your region for an annual fee.

Joining a local REIA and being an active member will increase your network of investors with access to the amazing offers you’re searching for. If you focus on building genuine relationships with them, you may be able to acquire VIP access to their real estate projects.

11.Search the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).
The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a well-known site to seek for real estate. However, if you’re seeking for severely cheap rates in a major region or someplace else where competition is fierce, the MLS may be difficult to come by. This is due to the fact that attractive bargains are scooped up by investors and “we buy houses” firms before they ever reach the MLS. Although finding fantastic real estate offers on the MLS has gotten more difficult, it is still feasible and worth checking through from time to time.
To locate the greatest houses at the lowest cost, there is no one-size-fits-all technique.

Because each buyer’s goals are different, your success will be determined by how effectively you modify these recommendations to fit your objectives, budget, and time constraints. Investors and retail purchasers may follow different techniques, but the advice we’ve provided will help you get started on your search for a fantastic real estate deal for your next investment property or house purchase.

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