Watch before you start YouTube or Photography

Many of us do YouTube or photography as a hobby. But if you use this hobby, you can create one of the best income generating platforms. Then it will be a big achievement for you. What many can absorb, again many break down before they start.
One of the reasons for this is: not making the right decision, that is, what do many people think I should do? YouTube or photography?
To answer this question, today’s post has been sorted. With which you can realize, which is the better option for you? YouTube or photography!
Usually through this post, I will highlight to you some of the good aspects of YouTube and photography.
I never want you to read my post and not be motivated. This is why I will not talk about the bad aspects. But you will always keep in mind. No matter how good the job is, it has its downsides. Therefore, I strongly demand professional advice.
First of all, let’s talk about YouTube. YouTube is the largest video watching platform in the world. Millions of people around the world use it today, from millionaires to billionaires. However, they have always tried to move forward with the good side, they are millionaires or billionaires today. So you also have to move forward with something good in the case of YouTube, that is, your content is the highest quality.
A YouTube channel can create billionaires from the impoverished.
But keep in mind, before you start YouTube, the thought of earning income should not come to your mind.
75% of YouTubers in the country dropped out before YouTube started.
The biggest reason for this: Patience means that there was no patience among the aspiring YouTubers.
The bottom line is: you have to fight the days ahead with patience. And then you will get success, that is, it can be money or some other achievement.
When your particular channel gets bigger. Then you can earn a large amount of money by focusing on your channel in different ways.
For example: selling your specific product, with local or WordWide sponsors, from video monetization or affiliate. You can also take yourself away from your channel, a few times away from ordinary people. I mean, I’m talking about celebrities.
However, you must seek professional advice before starting YouTube.
Reason: Due to your little mistake, tireless work may end.
Let’s talk about photography.
A new camera and a good mindset may be the first step in your photography.
Reason: For photography, first of all I want you to have a good mind.
Needless to say, with just a brand new camera or a good mindset, it is impossible to be a professional photographer.
In addition, you may need to wear the right guidelines or accessories.
There are very few stories of millions of people becoming millionaires or billionaires, like YouTube with photography. But with it, you will be able to continue your comfortable life.
But for this you want first of all, the title of professional photography.
There is a huge difference between YouTube and photography. However, at present the circulation of these two is increasing at a very fast rate. Due to which: Many people are pushing away from their jobs or their own profession and are leaning towards this hobby world.
This hobby world, in the first place, everyone likes it. But when you are un-successful and you are sitting on your face. Then there will be different types of problems. Before you start YouTube or photography for this. I would request professional advice.
If you are thinking that you will make money with YouTube or photography.
Let’s discuss again, what are the ways you can earn income from photography.
For example: sells your specific pictures offline or online.
There are thousands of such websites online. Where the picture taken with your camera, you can sell at a higher price. But for this, I want your picture to be an exception to all, that is, unique as well as quality-flower.
Earn income by doing specific work in any off-line event. Many students now choose this free profession in addition to their studies. There was a time when anyone knew what photography was.
However, with the passage of time, more or less everyone has come to know or know what photography is! Let me give you one more piece of information, according to Wikipedia, the word photography was first pronounced in German in 1839. However, photography started from 1834.
You can run campaigns for other photographers, with photos taken with your camera. Suppose you are new to the world of photography, but you have enough ideas to take professional pictures. In this case you can work, with other photographers.
That could be in the photo you take, from adding the watermark of that desired photographer to editing.
The first time you get the job, you may have to suffer a little. But once you get it, you probably don’t have to look back.
In addition to this, if you want, you can also earn income by starting a paid course. Many people are learning through many big photography institutes in the country today, the key to becoming a Professional from the Beginner of Photography.
You can sell courses online, just like any other institution.
In return you will have the opportunity to earn an extra income sitting at home . But you have to spend a little money for this. Especially for publicity.
There are many of us who always take exceptional pictures from others and upload them to social networks. You sit in your own place, targeting them. But you can open the way to an income. For example: There are no good professional photographers in your area. And by taking advantage of this invaluable opportunity, you can grab thousands of rupees. You may notice that there are many photographers who have to pay a certain amount of money to take pictures. I mean, I’m telling you to sit down and read in the place of all those photographers. My idea is that this is one of the ways to earn income sitting in your area.
Now let’s talk, which do you do YouTube or photography?
My answer would be, if you like both YouTube and photography. Then start with both. But first, start with photography, this is your hobby.
Reason: As soon as you open a YouTube channel, you will not get enough views, subscribers or money.
But if you start with photography. Then you can earn that money every day. You may not be able to earn that money in six months, from your desired YouTube channel. If you don’t get it, monetization from Google. It is worth mentioning that you can earn income from YouTube channel in different ways. But for this you want your channel to be large enough.
I think, if you start with photography in the first place, your hobby world. Then maybe both of your dreams will come true. If you earn a minimum of Rs. 1500 per day from photography. Then your monthly income is 45000 thousand rupees. Which is never possible to earn income from YouTube, if your channel is large enough, as well as not getting monetization.
Unfortunately, as seen many times, monetization goes away from our YouTube channel. And leaving monetization means losing a big way of earning. But if you notice a little. Then you will see that in the case of photography, there is no such big danger. If you have already become a professional photographer. Reason: If you really are a professional photographer. Then you will never have to look for work, but work will find you from your place.
The bottom line is: you can do YouTube or photography. It’s a completely personal matter. But a small request to you, please, before working on these two platforms. Of course, from eyewitnesses, get enough ideas or work qualifications. Thanks everyone for reading the whole post.


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