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Weight loss vs. Fat loss

There is a misconception among us about fat-loss and weight-loss. Many people think that both are same. But actually both are very different from each other. Today we will discuss about Weight loss vs. Fat loss


Weight Loss:

Weight-loss is a term that is used to indicate the loss of total body weight. Both fat & mussel mass can be reduced during weight-loss. Basically short term or long term routine exercise, mainly cardio and calorie deficit diet plan are followed in a weight-loss program. This causes the extra fat to burn out in order to recover the needed calorie. Sometime intense cardio workout and crash-diet may cause mussel loss. Loss can be harmful for one’s if it is done excessively. Some diet those can boost weight-loss process are:

  1. The Paleo Diet.
  2. The Vegan Diet.
  3. Low-Carb Diets.
  4. The Dukan Diet.
  5. The Ultra-Low-Fat Diet.
  6. The Atkins Diet.
  7. The HCG Diet.
  8. The Zone Diet.
  9.  Keto Diet


weight loss



wt Loss may be cause of following problems :

  • Compromised Immunity.
  • Decreased Fitness.
  • Decreased Strength.
  • Low Energy.
  • Depression.
  • Lower Motivation.
  • Anxiety.


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weight loss vs. fat loss




Fat-loss is the process of losing extra fat from body as well as increasing the mussel mass. It is the recommended and most effective process. In this, the body fat percentage is gradually decreased by cardio & weigh-lifting as well as high protein diet. The higher protein percentage in diet helps to build mussel-mass more quickly. More mussel means higher metabolism rate. Higher metabolism rate increases the fat burning process.

The positive sides of fat-loss are:

  • Enhanced Immunity.
  • Enhanced Strength.
  • Higher Metabolic Rate.
  • Higher Energy.
  • Increased Fitness.
  • Good Mood.


fat loss

Because of more positive sides and no side-effect, the fitness experts as well as doctors recommend fat-loss over weightloss.

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