What is affiliate marketing? How to start affiliate marketing?


What is affiliate marketing? How to start affiliate marketing?


Affiliate marketing is a way or means by which we use the digital product of any online company, the physical product of the online store or anything available to buy online, on our own website, blog, social media page or YouTube channel. Through ”can promote.

And, whenever people buy that promoted item through the link you provide or buy another product through the promoted link on the official website of the product, you are paid some commission to sell that product.

The amount of commission earned may vary from product to product. The amount of commission or how much money you will be paid for the commission will be determined by the online website company as an affiliate promoting or sharing the product of J Online website. As such, everything is told to you in detail in advance.

So, to put it bluntly – “affiliate marketing is a marketing medium where you are interested in buying any online product or thing from others. And, when someone buys your promoted product, you are paid some money as a commission.

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What to sell with affiliate marketing?

You can sell any digital product such as “domain”, “hosting”, “WordPress theme”, “online software” etc. on your own blog or website.

Other than that, the most common way of affiliate marketing is that you have to register as an affiliate marketer on any online shopping website on the internet.

Then, you can earn money by promoting or sharing anything on that shopping website, such as “Mobile”, “TV”, “Clothes”, books, software or anything else through affiliate link.

If your blog is getting a lot of traffic or your YouTube channel is getting a lot of views, then you can’t imagine how much money this affiliate marketing can earn you. You can earn unlimited money by selling anything online.

So what is affiliate marketing, maybe you have a good understanding.


How to start affiliate marketing?


Below I will tell you 6 straight points or steps that you can start working on marketing in affiliate.

1) First of all, you have to have a blog, YouTube channel, Facebook page or other social media page. And, that page, blog or YouTube channel must have a lot of traffic, visitors or likes. Because, the most important audience for marketing any product is the audience to whom you will share or market the product. And, these 4 ways to market anything online are the best.

2) Now if you have a blog, YouTube channel or Facebook page, if any of these, then now you need to join a good “Affiliate program”. After joining any online affiliate program you can promote or share their content or product.

3) Now after joining the affiliate network or affiliate program, you have to decide or choose what kind of content or product you will share with people.

4) You will be given an affiliate link in exchange for your surviving product or content. With this affiliate link, people will be able to come to the page of your shared or promoted product. And, from here, they can buy that product directly.

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