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Why PUBG is banned in India ?

Why PUBG is banned in India ?

Another digital strike by the Indian government. 118 Chinese apps (including PUBG mobile games) banned in India It is learned that the central government has taken this step once again keeping in mind the issue of cyber security. According to the Ministry of Information Technology, this popular mobile game is banned under Section 79A. In addition, the Indian government has recently banned about 150 Chinese countries twice. It is illegally stealing customers’ personal information through several apps on the Android and iOS platforms. Concerned about the country’s security, the government banned 118 Chinese apps, including PUBG.

According to the Union Ministry, there were multiple allegations against PUBG and 118 apps. One of them was data theft and monitoring of app users. The government then banned the apps. The decision was taken under Section 69A of the country’s Information Technology Act. A statement issued by the ministry said 118 apps, including PUBG, posed a threat to India’s sovereignty, integrity, defense and security of its citizens.


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