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Guideline for SMART CV (Part-1)


                                                                      HOW CAN YOU GET SMART CV

Well want to get a professional job. So for that not only we need skills and others things , we also should develop certain things for us.
From the beginning of university life, one has to prepare a resume or CV for various needs. And now CV is also an important issue for participation in scholarship or any meeting-conference-fellowship. How to summarize your identity, achievements, qualifications? What will be in the CV and what will not be?
Here is a  CV written in Bengali. Since in most cases the CV has to be written in English, the same rule will apply to the English language.
Whatever will be in the CV Name and contact address, The full name should be written in the first part of the CV. Nicknames or pseudonyms cannot be written in any way.
The name that is written in the certificate of secondary, higher secondary or university should be written. Mr. or Mrs. cannot be used before the name.
When writing an address, the address that can be contacted in a letter should be written in a clear but concise form. You have to give mobile number for communication.
Unnecessarily 2-3 phone numbers cannot be written. And special care should be taken in case of e-mail address. iamgreat@gmail. com or sweetdreams@gmail. com— such ridiculous e-mail addresses cannot be used.
Create a short e-mail address that matches your name and use it in your CV.
You can use the LinkedIn profile ID. If you do not need to add a Facebook ID is better. However, the name of a personal website or a website that has published its own portfolio of work can be written.
The picture that you will add to the CV should be taken in recent times. The background of the photo should be one color. Hair or beard must be neat in the picture. You can use any picture that makes sense.
Professional goals
You must write your professional goals in the CV. The language will be concise and clear, in neat language. If you write in English, spelling or grammar should not be wrong. You have to write the goal associated with the position you will apply for. No weird, irrelevant or imaginary sentence can be written.
You have to write the degree that you have just obtained first. You can also mention in which subject, in which faculty you have studied, in what year you have taken the exam, what were the grade points or results.
If you have not yet passed, enter the word ‘examinee’. You have to write the result information from the university level to the secondary examination in order.
Academic publications or projects
If any research or report published while studying at the undergraduate level, write it down. Engineering students can add their own project name. If you are studying business administration, write the name of the report if you work as an intern.
Add a summary of any national or international conference you attended.
Professional experience
Usually undergraduate or graduate students do not have direct professional experience. But if you are preparing a CV for the job, add it if you have relevant work experience.
For example, if you work as a salesman in a fair, you can write it or if you work in a call center, you can also write it. Mention in which position you have worked, for how many days. Write down if you have worked as a host for a conference or event.
Volunteer work
You need to write down the details of the work or organization you are involved in as a volunteer. Write down how long you have been working, what position you are working in. If necessary, give a brief job description with each task.
Workshops and training.
A list of workshops or trainings you have attended in university life should be added. Understand the importance of job positions and add workshop and training information. Write the name of the workshop and the information of the organizers briefly.
Suppose you are preparing a CV for a job as a sales representative, then add sales and marketing information. If you have taken any degree or training online, add it to your CV.
Language skills
Generally, it is necessary to know Bengali and English to apply for a job in Bangladesh. Write the score of any English language proficiency test such as IELTS or TOEFL. Mention it if you know any other language.
You have to write computer skills keeping in mind the position for which you are preparing the CV. Knowing Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint is now considered a common skill for all levels of jobs.
If you know the work of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint very well, you must add it to your CV. If you have any training in data analysis, macro or Microsoft, you can write it. Also mention if you have learned technical software such as Matlab or SPSS.
Hobbies and interests
You can write about your interests and hobbies.
University teachers serve as a good reference for new graduates. In this case, inform the teacher and use his name and surname. Sometimes the employer  contacted by the person whose name is in the reference from the organization.
So use the right terms and identities. You can add the name and surname of a professional known in any other profession.
You have to write all your information attached to the CV correctly and accurately. You must have a clear signature at the bottom of the text. Employers have a legal right to verify your information, so do not give any wrong information.

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