Top Computer Science Trends 2022

Top Computer Science Trends 2022 The most important computer science developments in 2022 are not the same as they were merely a few years ago. Previously, smartphone applications were considered a hot computer science novelty; today, they are a commonplace component of daily life. How does the future appear? This question may be answered by understanding current technological developments. Check […]

The Best Time to Post in 2021 on Instagram, experts have said

What is the greatest time to upload anything on Instagram to ensure that it is seen? And when it comes to getting the most likes, what day of the week is the best? Who has received the most feedback? Continue reading to learn the universal best time to post on Instagram that seems to work for everyone — as well […]

Why You Should Use Technology for Profit

In today’s high tech world, technology can often be overwhelming. Many of the new and exciting technological gadgets are introduced each and every year with great fanfare. They can be quite dazzling when it comes to their features and capabilities. Yet, not all of these inventions are healthy for your environment. We need to be careful as we introduce new […]

iPhone 13: The Masterplan of Apple Inc.

With iPhone 12, apple has introduced their new cost-efficient strategy by removing charger from the phone box. Previously they wiped-out the wire from the earphone and introduced AirPods. Following the same strategy they have done the same in iPhone 12. Instead of using a c-port or lightning-port, apple has attached new Magsafe, a magnetic coil based charger. Apple is planning to introduce […]

Canon EOS 77D

A Quick Review Canon EOS 77D (Canon EOS 9000D in Japan) is the semi-professional DSLR camera. Being introduced in February 14, 2017, has gained a huge popularity. It has a light and handy body structure but quite hard body. In case of buying DSLR camera, it can be a better option. This model is compatible with almost all lenses. It […]

Oscilloscope : Functions and buttons.

Oscilloscope: An oscilloscope is another important tool when it comes to analyzing and debugging circuits. They let you see electrical signals and you often hear it abbreviated “O-scope” or only “Scope“. They are particularly handy when it comes to measuring things like amplitude, frequency & signals that simple multimeter can’t catch. in older cathode-ray oscilloscope, the electrical signal under test […]