The Best Time to Post in 2021 on Instagram, experts have said

What is the greatest time to upload anything on Instagram to ensure that it is seen?

And when it comes to getting the most likes, what day of the week is the best? Who has received the most feedback?

Continue reading to learn the universal best time to post on Instagram that seems to work for everyone — as well as how to uncover your brand’s own, unique best times to post (because all businesses and audiences are unique).

Alternatively! If you don’t want to read, you can see the answer and tips in our video.

Is there a specific time when you should post on Instagram?

Because each brand caters to a unique demographic with distinctive social media behavior patterns, each brand may have a somewhat distinct sweet spot for publishing on Instagram. However, there are several best practices you may follow that consistently produce excellent outcomes.

Because the Instagram algorithm promotes recency, publishing when your followers are online is essential. If all other factors are equal, a fresher post will look better on the newsfeed than an older one.

When it comes to optimizing a post for success, recency is one of the quickest and easiest gains. (However, if you’re interested, we have numerous more methods on how to earn free Instagram likes.)

But it’s also crucial to understand what your Instagram marketing strategy’s specific objectives are. Do you have specific goals in mind for increasing awareness, increasing engagement, or increasing traffic? What does success mean to you, and when have you seen your postings accomplish it in the past? In general, your past successes are a good reference for when you should post.


The ideal time to post on Instagram in general

The universal best time to post on Instagram, according to our observations and research, is… 11 a.m. on Wednesdays.

We discovered that Instagram users are most likely to interact with material throughout the middle of the day and on weekdays. That makes sense – it’s the ideal time to unwind after a long day at work or school by browsing. (As well as like.) (As well as commenting.)

So, if you’re new to Instagram and don’t have a lot of historical data or audience insights to work with, try publishing around this time and see how it goes. As your account expands, you may want to adjust your posting schedule to better match the Instagram activity pattern of your target audience.Find the perfect moment to post on Instagram with these tips.


Analyse your best-performing articles.

To begin, evaluate the type of performance you want to achieve: brand recognition or engagement. Depending on which of these is more important to you, how you plan your Instagram posts may differ.

Which of your previous blogs received the most views? When did you make these public? And how do these posts differ from those that receive likes?

Here, your Instagram analytics are the most reliable source of information. Of course, not all analytics tools are created equal, and some social media management tools might assist you in avoiding the time-consuming data analysis.


Determine when your target audience is most engaged on the internet.

Examining your analytics to identify when your followers are scrolling through their feed is the next step in determining the optimum time to post.

As marketers, we must understand our target audiences. If you’re targeting Gen Z sports enthusiasts on Instagram, their social media habits may differ dramatically from those of tech execs who meditate in their infrared saunas at 4 a.m.


Think about when your competitors are going to post.

Your competitors may be performing some of the same calculations and tests as you, depending on your industry. Keep an eye on what’s working for audiences in your sector with social listening (or even a thorough social competitive analysis).

Pro Tip: Although many brands post at the hour mark, try posting a few minutes before or after the :00 to avoid competing for shelf space.


Post in the time zone of your target audience.

If you have a global audience or are based outside of the “usual” time zones (we see you, Mumbai; how are you doing, Sydney? ), this is very important. It’s possible that the optimum time to post is 3 a.m.

Instead of setting some genuinely heinous alarms, how about automating your Instagram posts? Using an Instagram scheduler to ensure your posts go up at the proper time, day in and day out, is one of the greatest tools to help you achieve this.


Keep an eye on things and make adjustments as needed.

Yes, optimizing your Instagram posts for success necessitates a significant amount of effort—it entails far more than simply selecting the appropriate filter. However, crunching the data once a quarter to determine the best time to post is one of the simplest ways to ensure your content reaches the correct people. (It’s certainly easier than improving your videography or writing skills, though both are highly recommended.)

“We look at our top-performing posts weekly to see if there are any insights that will help us modify our strategy or publishing cadence,” says Brayden Cohen of Hootsuite’s Instagram team. However, we only vary the hours we post once every quarter, if at all.”


Show up on a regular basis over time.

It’s critical to be systematic about your posting if you want to get the full benefits of all this audience data. While you won’t see a dramatic increase by posting a few hours sooner every now and then, consistently utilising the data will shift the needle over time.

It’s a vicious circle: your audience becomes accustomed to seeing your brand on their feed, enjoys your content, and engages with it. Showing up on Instagram on a regular basis builds credibility, trust, and a genuine relationship.

At the end of the day, the algorithm notices when you have an authentic relationship with your audience, and so does your bottom line.

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