Tuhinuzzaman is the New Face of Blogging

Tuhinuzzaman is a blogger from Bangladesh. His blogging profession has been a part of his life since he was a youngster. Tuhin was born in Madon’s Netrakona. Tuhinuzzaman received his SSC and HSC from Telegati BNHK Academy and Netrakona Government College, respectively. Then he was accepted into the Department of Banking and Insurance at Rajshahi University. He is now a […]

The 10 Richest People In the World

The 10 Richest People In the World   By 2020, the Earth has supposedly received 2,095 billionaires, a total net estimated of 8 trillion dollars. Of this, $1153 billion, or around 15.41 percent of the world’s ten richest people, is impressive if you think they account for some 0.48 percent of milliardaires. At the time of this update — May […]

Investment on Cryptocurrency: Is it safe? or a new scam?

Investment is a part and parcel of economic system. In a modern economic system, anyone can invest their asset to earn more and thus they take part on economic cycle. But nowadays virtual investment like Cryptocurrency is on hype. What is the base of this cryptocurrency thing? Is it safe? Or this is just another scam? We are going to […]

Weight loss vs. Fat loss

There is a misconception among us about fat-loss and weight-loss. Many people think that both are same. But actually both are very different from each other. Today we will discuss about Weight loss vs. Fat loss   Weight Loss: Weight-loss is a term that is used to indicate the loss of total body weight. Both fat & mussel mass can […]

Keep your domain for the future or Sell quickly?

In the huge internet world, there are many companies that provides the service of domain and hosting. Anybody can buy domain name and hosting and create their own website. In this  article we are gonna discuss about various sites where the eminent domain and hosting can be purchased and sold such as GoDaddy, Nameliquidate etc. Keep your domain for the […]

Nvidia RTX 3000 series: Exciting points to know about

Nvidia is a renowned company when it comes to making extraordinary GPU. If they are considered as a worrier, there are more than one game changing technology on their arsenal.  Recently Nvidia RTX 3000 series is their new addition to their arsenal. It has been heard that RTX 4000 series is on it’s way. So it is clear that Nvidia […]

Securing information privacy and confidentiality: Definition of cyber ethics

Today we are going to discuss about Cyber Ethics, cyber ethics definition and what are the must followed rules for cyber and internet ethics. What are in ‘Internet ethics definition’ & ‘Cyber Ethics definition’? The internet ethics or cyber ethics may be a code of act for moral legal and social issues on the web or cyber technology. The internet ethics is about […]

Social Media marketing: Powerful 3 tips for beginners

Social Media Marketing You know, you need to be on social-media for being expert on social media marketing. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter are some of the most popular sites on internet. There are over millions of active user daily. Bus as a beginner, all of these are overwhelming and complicated. So how will one start? Today we are going […]

Easy ultimate Christmas recipes for Christmas dinner with family

Easy ultimate Christmas recipes for Christmas dinner with family Christmas recipes becomes a huge deal when Christmas is close. The perfect Christmas recipe can change your dining’s vibe. Today we are going to give you 2 most easy Christmas recipes that will change your dinning’s environment as well as your family member’s mood. So let’s go and check this out. […]

React Native vs Flutter : Which framework is the best for your career ?

Should you learn React-Native or Flutter in 2021? First of all let’s look at what’s similar between the two and why exactly we comparing them. React native and flutter are basically cross-platform mobile app development frameworks. Flutter was made by Google and React native was made by Facebook. These companies are indeed backing these frameworks.  They are both open source […]

Freelancing can change your life

Freelancing can change your life What car can not be made home by freelancing ?At one time people used to think that if you want to make a car home, you have to do a government job or a big job, but now people are doing freelancing from car house to marriage! Freelancing is a freelance job, in this sector […]