Basic of Cyber-Ethics: Why should we know about this?


Cyber Ethics

The usual definition to the word ethics is the elements important to human morals. Ethics could be referring to as specific standards, rules, agreements and values. Computer ethics are a set of moral principles that governs a group or an individual on what is acceptable act while using a computer. One of the common ethics among the computer ethics is the violation of copyright issues. Today cyber ethics is a more common word than past. Let’s have some discussion about the Basic of Cyber-Ethics.

Duplicating the copy right content without the authors approval, accessing personal information of others without their permission are some of the examples that call its ethical principle. Violation of these are the violation of cyber ethics. Computer ethics or Basic of Cyber-Ethics is a concept that is growing larger every day with new modernized technology. Acceptable use policy, Copyright law, Information privacy are some of those.


computer ethics


First appearance of the term “Cyber Ethics or Computer Ethics”

Computer ethics first came about 1970s, when computers were being integrated into homes and offices as the form of personal computers and workstations for turning the daily work more simplified version. Nowadays computers are being used in homes, school, collages, offices, factories and almost everywhere in our daily life. So it has become a vital and essential part of our life.

We use smart mobile phones which is the smallest computer. Day by day the computerized systems are getting more handy. So as we are being more dependent on the computer and technology, our personal data is being more insecure. In wrong hands, hackers can misuse our data. So learning about computer ethics is more essential nowadays. The official and personal use of computer has taken the morals to a whole new level specially due to the privacy issues found throughout businesses. Many universities throughout the world are offering the study of this form of morals . On the other hand, Internet morals is referred to those acceptable acts for using internet. We should be honest, respect the rights and property of others while using the internet. As the internet is a time-efficient tool for everyone that enlarges the possibilities for curriculum growth.


Basic of Cyber-Ethics
Basic of Cyber-Ethics


What are the Basic of Cyber-Ethics and why should we know about this?

Computer ethics include the various physiological aspects of principle as well as the Psychological Interpretations and Sociological Interpretations. Computer ethics covers a wide variety of topics such as computer crime, professional responsibilities, computers in the workplace, Privacy & anonymity. Some unethical behaviors from students and teachers are Digital Plagiarism, Breaking copyright & Software theft, Improper use of computer resources. Plagiarism is one of the major forms of academic dishonesty which has always existed in education, including higher education. For example of cyber ethics violation, when students submits assignment may turned out copied from fellow students or could be taken over in part or in whole from the existing published works. The use of computers and internet added t the means that students at their disposal to commit plagiarism.


However, they make it much easier to do and much harder to detect. The second act which we consider to be an unethical behavior is breaking the copyright and software theft. Through the society it is well knows that the illegal copying of copyrighted media such as text, music works, movies, art works and software programs is widespread. Moreover, many people who engage such activity do not consider themselves to be doing something that is immoral.

This is certainly true for college students and this attitude of students seems to match in the development of current information age in which the internet increasingly functions as the most important information medium that the people use. The third unethical act is Improper use of computer resources. Students and stuffs may have the authorized access to computer resources but then go on use this resources improperly. Basic of Cyber-Ethics is a must known topic.

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