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Many people think that web design is a big problem for coding toddlers. If someone asks a web designer, he turns to Delhi and explains that it is only for geniuses. But then how come its demand is so high and how to learn like other geniuses? All these questions revolve in your head !!

Demand and career of web design

But it’s not so much a problem at all, if you have patience and regular practice for 3 months, then you can really be a web designer. After studying for 10 years and passing SSC, we get admitted in HSC for that study, then it doesn’t take more than 1 year to build a career in web design. In this article I will give you ideas on how to become a web designer from scratch.
Web Design VS Web Development?
Web design is the complete design of the website that you see in your browser with the naked eye is called web design. The design of different colors, different text fonts and different structures that we see in a website is all the work of web design.
What you can’t see with the naked eye is called web development. Isn’t it a little complicated? Simply put, you login to your Facebook profile with an email and password to login to your Facebook profile. Web development refers to the work you do to login.

Who can learn these tasks?

You must have an idea about the basics of computer. Must have the ability to understand English. If you are raw in English, keep practicing slowly. There are many free courses available online where you can get good guidelines for learning English. Chat in English with friends and you will see that gradually your English skills will get better. A very close friend of mine can now write good English while chatting in reverse English and understand any English later. If you know English, I don’t think you will have any more problems to get things done.
Which one to learn first?
Since you see a design first in your browser, then you have to design the website, then you understand that you have to learn web design first and then you have to learn web development.
What are the things you need to learn to become a web designer?
2) CSS
3) Basic JQuery and JQuery’s various plugins work
4) WordPress design and customization
5) Basic WordPress Theme Development

What is the learning process? Which one to learn after another?

How do I know the various updates? According to the serial, first you have to have an idea about HTML. Then you have to learn to design HTML with CSS, so first you have to learn HTML as well as have a good idea about each of the properties of CSS, how any of the properties work. Then, you will understand how to design a website.
Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that came from Jakueri. Then, you can create different animations or effects in the design of your HTML CSS. Which will also make your website more attractive.
After first taking a full idea about the basics of web design for 1 month, let’s say you have passed SSC and now it is Intermediate or HSC.
There is a marketplace called Themeforest. Where web designers sell their templates every day creating new ideas. Try to design by looking at the new samples of ThemeForest. This will increase your skills and create different design ideas.

Some must known things for web designing:

Web design with HTML, CSS is pure web design but with web design you must know another thing and that is WordPress website customization. In short, WordPress is a software that allows you to design a website without any coding. For which you don’t have to write any kind of code and you don’t need coding to change its content so designing a website through WordPress is very easy and there is a lot of demand. Create designs with HTML, CSS then implement them in WordPress themes or WordPress websites.
When the Intermediate level is over you must have an idea about the advanced level which is called Expert and its way I think just one, as much as possible PSD to HTML conversion means you have to look at the PSD image web template and design it in HTML. The more PSD to HTML you do, the better your skills will be.

If you search for PSD to HTML tutorials on YouTube, you will find hundreds of tutorials. Practice watching any two series then download some PSD from Google and try to design it yourself. Only when you can complete the design of five to seven sections in two to three hours will you understand how to do the design quickly.
Then try to give different effects to PSD designs with CSS or JQuery. Keep in mind that the way to increase design skills and self-verification is to design a website from PSD.


web designing guidlines


What can be done professionally after learning as a web designer?

Now the question is how to become a profession after learning web design Whether working in the law job sector or in the freelancing marketplaces. Of course you have to fill in the things I have described above then you will understand for yourself how to work in web design.
There is very little work of pure web design in the job sector or in the marketplaces so you have to create a website with the help of software like WordPress. This means that you need to present the web design skills and ideas that you have acquired through your WordPress to a client. The demand for WordPress in the marketplace or job sector is much higher because a website can be easily created through WordPress and clients can customize or edit the website without the hassle of writing any code. So you need to continue your WordPress skills in web design in an equal way.

How long does it take to learn web design?

Web design is very easy to learn. All you need to do is pledge a little patience and practice every day. I would say that to learn basic web design you need to spend a total of 4 weeks, 4 days per week, a minimum of 2 hours and 30 minutes to revise everything. In the meantime, you will know the basics of web design and a solid idea.
At the Intermediate level after finishing Basic, try to create at least one webpage every day anyway. Try to do this for up to 15 days, you will realize that your skills are developing day by day.

So what is a web designer?

No, you have passed SSC to become a web designer within 1 month, then you can study Intermediate or SSC. Where you will spend time as Web Design Deep Learning. In fact, there is no end to the learning and you always have to keep an eye on the latest updates.
So at the Intermediate level of web design, you need to use your 1 month basic knowledge to create a whole modern website and have an idea about the different small parts. Only when you create 10 to 15 websites will you realize how genius you are now. You can also try Marketplace or Bangladeshi Local Job if you want.
Now is the time to become an expert, download 20 premium PSD templates from Google or various null websites. We have to design and finish 20 PSD templates because we have to face many problems in our professional life due to the lack of this PSD design practice. So make sure you design at least 20 PSDs. Try to design a PSD once a day and of course try to do it very quickly.


For 20T PSD you will need 20 days and the remaining 10 days make the designs more attractive with JQuery effect. I would say you are a web designer after creating 20 PSD designs.
But there is one thing left that is essential to your professional life, as I said before about WordPress. When you design a PSD, take a look at the basics of WordPress and the ideas of various plugins. Try to understand the mechanisms of WordPress. Just as learning website design at first may seem like a lot of nonsense to me at one time, learning WordPress can be a little annoying. But you need to understand the ins and outs of WordPress as others understand it. I would say no time to learn WordPress because of its huge resource sea you can’t even end up with a swim or a helicopter once you go after it. So then you will understand everything by yourself.

Where will I learn and from whom?

Of course, my first suggestion is to learn by searching on Google or YouTube, because to increase your skills in web design and professional work, you must search on Google and YouTube every day. To get a full idea of ​​the basics of HTML, CSS, finish the series one by one from YouTube and keep practicing while watching the video. 95% of people watch videos but do not practice by hand, when they watch videos they find it much easier and think that they have understood so they do not practice. Suppose we have to practice math in school or college just like we used to understand math then we have to practice. If you do not practice after watching the video, then this is the main reason for wasting your time. I say again, you must try to practice by watching the video.

Everyone may know that you can learn from Google and YouTube. But one of the biggest problems for many of you is that you need an instructor after finishing a tutorial. For example, during SSC exams, we come from school and go to coaching or private tutors so that we can solve our problems quickly.
Mentor’s or expert’s help power tips to solve the problem
Now if you have a problem, how do you find a mentor? In fact, you can’t get a specific mentor for free, but there is an alternative. Get to know your web design related 20 Facebook groups. Write and post all your problems in details in those groups and you will see that someone has solved your problems.

Alternative community

Another is web design forums or communities, there are many forums web sites online where many people around the world are active with the help of which you can get solutions to your problems. Google a little ghataghati forum or community then you will understand what the matter. Who cares about SEO They know the matter very well.
stackover flow is a forum where you can find solutions to any programming related problem including web design. Expert programmers from different countries of the world provide solutions to various problems related to programming. is for WordPress problem where you can find solution to any problem of wordpress. This is WordPress’s own forum and within this forum I get about 98% solution to all the problems related to WordPress.
Quora is one of the “Q&A” websites, where you can find solutions to any problem in your life, not just web design. Have an account on website and visit the site and you will see that everything will give you some solution.


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